Dentists of French Dental Center treat any degree of complication, use modern methods and materials, allowing to restore and even teeth, change their form and color.

 Dentals-internists will help to get you rid from the diseases of teeth, paradontium and mucous membrane of cavity of mouth. Doctors work in our center, owning the modern quality, sparing, effective and painless methods of treatment. We have the opportunity to work on an equipment and materials of the last generation, that allows to produce high-fidelity diagnostics and quality treatment!





Child's reception

All the best, that is in French Dental Center, we are glad to offer to our little patients. Foremost, this sincere attention and caring, lightness of commonunication, well-disposed psychological mood that takes off fear before a doctor and forthcoming treatment. Parents assert that already on the second reception in the French dental center children come calmly - because they do not test the expected pain and discomfort.

 The care of teeth from babyhood will allow to the child to avoid many stomatological problems, both in the near time and in adult age.

Long-term experience of our doctors  allows successfully to work with little patients on next directions: a hygiene of cavity of mouth is in child's age, therapy, child's orthodontia, surgery, treatment of teeth in sleep.