Our specialists


Chub Sergey Aleksandrovich

Position: Main doctor of clinic. Orthopaedist, internist

Resume: Doctor-stomatology of higher category.

Finished НМУ им.О. О. Богомольца in 1998

 Working experience   French Dental Center 20 years

Certificates on endodontic treatment, restoration, безметаловому протезированию, implantology.

















Mihailevich Taras Vladimirovich

Position: Orthopaedist, internist

Resume: Doctor-stomatology is an internist of І category

Doctor-stomatology-orthopaedist of ІІ category

In 2000 г.finished НМУ им.О. О. Богомольца.

Experience of work 18 years.

From 2000 year works in the French Dental Center.

Certificates on endodontic treatment, restoration, безметаловому протезированию, implantology.









Ugrin Miron Mironovich

Position: the surgeon-implantologist

Resume: Doctor-surgeon-stomatology of higher category.

Doctor-stomatology-orthopaedist of higher category.

Candidate of medical sciences.

Founder and first president of Association of implantology Ukraine, one of founders, vice-president of Association of stomatologies of Ukraine. President of Association of privately-practicing stomatologies of Ukraine, member of European Association Остеоинтеграции, Member of American Academy Остеоинтеграции, Member of International congress of oral implantology, Honoured member of Association of имплантологов Poland. Associate professor of department of orthopaedic stomatology of the Lviv national medical university of the name of Daniil Galichina. In 2009 - the honoured rank is appropriated «Deserved doctor of Ukraine». Experience of work 29 years. Works in "French Dental Center" from 2001.














Zhavora Dmitro Igorovich

Position: A doctor-surgeon – stomatology II categories.

Resume: Finished ДОНГМУ им. М. Горького.

Experience of work of 11 years.

Specialization: surgery, пародонтология, implantology.

Works in «French Dental Center» from 2016year.











Kirsenko Lesya Aleksandrovna

Position: Doctor- stomatology II categories.

Resume: In 2005 year finished НМУ им. Богомольца.

Experience of work in the French Dental Center 14 years.

Specialization: therapeutic reception,of парадонтология.






Omelchenko Aleksej Ivanovich

Position: Orthodontist

Resume: A doctor stomatology-orthodontist of higher category.

 Finished НМУ им.О. О. Богомольца 1994 г. with a red diploma,

City council on departments of orthodontia of НМУ. Through 2 year protected master's degree work and successfully passed an exams, entered clinical clinical studies.

In parallel studied in аспирантуре, conducted active scientific activity on the department of orthodontia, gave 2 requests on an authorial invention, напечал about 20 scientific reasons on the problems of modern orthodontia. In 2001 made off educating in аспирантуре, wrote candidate's dissertation on questions of application in orthodontia of removable orthodontic apparatus.

Experience of work 19 years. With 1998 the reception of patients conducts   in the French Dental Center.

From 2002 studied in Germany, France on application of лингвальной technique.

Annually takes part in many international conferences, symposiums, conventions of ортодонтов of European, American society of orthodontists.



















Cherpak Inna Vladimirovna

Position: Internist, pedodontist.

Resume: Doctor- stomatology of ІІ category

In 2006 г. finished НМУ им.О. О. Богомольца.

Experience of work 12 years

From 2007 works  in the French Dental Center.

Specialization: therapeutic reception, child's reception, hygiene.














Proidak Ljudmila Ivanovna

Position: Internist

Resume: Doctor-stomatology-internist of І category.

Finished УМСА г.Полтава in 1998г.

Experience of work 20 year.

From 2011 works  in the French Dental Center..

Certificates on эндодонтии and restoration.

Specialization – aesthetic restoration and renewal of teeth a биомиметическим method.




















Mihailova Catherine Dmitrievna

Position: Internist

Resume: Doctor-stomatology of І category.

finished НМУ им.О. О. Богомольца in 2004 year

Experience of work 14 year

From 2005 wotks  in the French Dental Center.

Certificates on endodontic treatment, renewal of teeth aesthetic restorations, пародонтологии.










Monborgne Alexandr Jean-Jacques

Position:: Surgeon, implantologist, orthopedist

Resume: Dentist, specialist surgeon-dentist

In 2015 he graduated from the NMU. O.O. Bogomolets

Certificates on implantology, bone and soft tissue augmentation, periodontology, prosthetics and prosthetics on implants.