Orthopantomograph Planmeca ProOne

Planmeca ProOne it is digital panoramic x-ray photography with interactive touch-ups with tomography functions that use in implantology.

At once it is necessary to stipulate that is understood under a tomography. Some producers suggest to execute «tomography» pictures as part of the standard panoramic program. Thus in technical descriptions and selling aids the tomography programs are nominally present and mentioned. Quality of the pictures executed on such «combined-simplified» technologies, taking into account fundamental complication of their receipt, abandons to wish the best.

Orthopantomograph Planmeca ProOne specially constructed for implementation of the digital panoramic and tomography programs. For the receipt of tomography pictures the additional is needed «degree of freedom» motions of sweepable part are x-ray photography of vehicle. This additional «degree of freedom» initially stopped up in ProOne by quite original character and allows to execute tomography pictures without some compromises and simplifications.
Another enormous plus of orthopantomograph Planmeca ProOne – he is absolutely simple in exploitation. Conception that is accepted and realized by a company Planmeca for all equipment produced to her is sent to that, to do a management difficult multifunction devices maximally simple. Why this is important?!
Today all consumers of different technical devices expect maximal accordance to the last achievements of science and technique. Improvement of functionality technically difficult devices, as a rule, it is related to addition of the different modes, additional parameters, options etc. Any усреднение, generalization of functions, as, for example, in the cameras of type «soap dish» where all is managed only one button, automatically reduces all descriptions and translates a vehicle in a class «amateur».
Getting descriptions of maximally possible level is possible, only managing all possible resources and tuning of equipment. Exactly this flexibility is expected from an equipment «expert» or «professional» level. However in this case there is the problem opposed to the problem «one button» - for the choice of great number of different parameters the great number of the buttons is needed. Yet more complicates a problem that the choice of new parameters can depend on previous. How an operator must put a bold laugh on and not make a mistake? To help to decide a problem an interactive management can. An additional display on that menu of tuning items are specified is needed in this case, parameters of tuning etc. and by means of joystick an operator can manage the choice of parameters and tuning.

A company Planmeca in the conception of interactive management realized the most modern decision – a management is produced tuning not by means of joystick, and by pressure on, directly, touch screen of colour graphic display!
Right after implementation, a picture is represented on the touch screen, for that that an operator could at once control his informing. ProOne can execute and save in the memory a picture even being not connected to the computer.
Such conception allows to work with a very difficult professional equipment with by a great number possibilities to any operator. Tangentially ortopantomografy Planmeca it means that any doctor stomatology after a short acquaintance can use possibilities of these vehicles in full!
In totality interactive management and sufficient amount «degrees of freedom» create another undeniable and very important advantage! Essence of him is in the maximally comfort and correct positioning of patient.

Problem practically all users ran into that «tomography prefixes» consists of that positioning of patient is not very exact, labour intensive and occupies plenty enough of time. In fact, it is needed «to put» head of patient in a place, «comfortable» to x-ray photography, so that an interesting section got in the corresponding fragment of trajectory of panoramic picture. On reviews, on occasion, tomography pictures were not executed only by reason of unwillingness «to torment» patient! In many clinics, equipped by panoramic x-ray photographies with tomography prefixes, tomography pictures are not executed only for lack of an experience roentgenologist-operator that remembers setting of the buttons and able correctly to position a patient.
In ortopantomografy ProOne the choice of the programs and tuning comes true literally by a few pressures on a control panel. Head of patient easily and quickly positioned by standard character on, by an already becoming norm for the devices of expert class, to the system of 3th laser rays. All procedure of preparation of patient to implementation of any program, any picture occupies possible time minimum, comfort and does not require high qualification of operator. From experience of exploitation of ortopantomografy Planmeca, - any doctor or assistant of doctor can train to the management these vehicles literally in the flow of hour. All necessary for the choice of the modes information «prompted» on the screen of display and there is not a necessity an operator to memorize anything, write down etc.

Panoramic x-ray photographies of firm Рlanmeca already showed oneself as exceptionally reliable and exact. This equipment is positioned as an equipment of higher expert class and fully corresponds to expectations.
In a great deal quality of picture determines semiconductor touch-control perceiving x-rays. In panoramic x-ray photographies of Planmeca modern high-quality CCD touch-control is used with a very large discriminability and large dynamic range. The system of automatic шумоподавления is built-in in touch-control. Due to the high sensitiveness of touch-control, the radial loading on a patient is considerable mionectic. Parameters of radiation of ProOne practically the same as well as in ordinary интраоральных x-ray photographies maximal tension of 70 kV, maximal current of 8 mA!

Programs that is realized in ortopantomografy Planmeca ProOne :

Standard :
Panoramic program - adult : in this program the operator 9 represented layers ( 3 sizes of х 3 forms of jaws) are accessible to for a choice. Nonlinear distortions are practically absent. A producer declares that the coefficient of increase is permanent for all fragments of picture.

Child (pediatric mode) – considerably reduces the radial loading at implementation of pictures to the children.

Double picture (open closed joint) of lateral projection of ВНЧ of joint.

Double back front projection of ВНЧ of joint.

Back front projection of genyantrums.

Vertical and horizontal segmentation of pictures – allows in a yet greater measure to bring down the radial loading on a patient, turning off a radiation in those fragments of panoramic pictures diagnostics of that is not needed. It maybe due to fully automated primary коллиматору.
Additional «interproximal» panoramic program – panoramic program in that rays are parallel to the interproximal contacts – for primary examination, diagnostics of caries.
Additional «ortogonal» panoramic program in that rays are perpendicular to the bone of jaw. It is used at planning of implant interferences.
Panoramic program «bite wing» - panoramic program without the reflection of arthral sprouts with the large coefficient of increase.

Tomography programs:

1-4 transversal cuts are in the hand or automatic mode.
Lateral and back front pictures of ВЧН of joint;
Lateral projection and cut of sine bosoms.
Automatic control of display – option allowing automatically to change the parameters of display during implementation of picture, if these parameters were chosen by an operator by not optimal character.
Thus, fully digital orthopantomograph Planmeca ProOne, today, is the most advantageous and suitable suggestion for most stomatologies and implantologists. Combine by the best character in him :
excellent price, very tall quality, panoramic and tomography programs and excellent modern design.
Simple intuitively a clear management eliminates possible errors and does all manipulations accessible for any doctor of clinic.

X-ray diagnostic complex Planmeca

X-ray diagnostic complex from a firm Planmeca (Finland) appeared at the market of Ukraine accomplished recently and already had time to surprise customers. Nothing radically new a producer did not offer, but that, how all are worked out«little things» allows to name this complex the best from offered on Ukraine.

A complex consists of интраорального X-ray machine Planmeca Intra and radiovisiograph Planmeca Dixi New. Well known to stomatologies and well showing oneself x-ray photography of Planmeca Intra was exposed to no visible modifications. Changes happened in invisible for an user part of this vehicle software, that promoted his stability and«vitality» in «problematic» electric networks. Model with the previous version of the program and so practically did not deliver troubles to the salespeople and users in Ukraine. On the reviews of the Russian colleagues – a vehicle became yet more reliable.
Taking into account functional possibilities and high reliability, we can mark proudly, that Planmeca Intra – the best интраоральный X-ray-vehicle that is offered at the Ukrainian market.
Practically all offered x-ray photographies that work on a direct current (i.e. use the chart of high-frequency transformation of tension) use of the same type рентген-трубки (often even the same model of Toshiba). Therefore and part of the parameters determined by properties of tube, have identical values practically, - for example size of focal spot. Structural execution is exhaust a long ago and in a great deal x-ray photographies of different producers are alike as twins. What is a difference in?!
A difference is in functional possibilities of vehicles, in that, as far as envisaged many functions the good producer, as far as they are comfortable and needed, on how many qualitatively and they are realized carefully thought out. In other words, difference in that, in what modes of the same type железяки compel to work different producers.
Difference of Intra from other notedly at once - it is enough to give a glance on a control stand. A producer endowed the showiness of liquid-crystal indicator in behalf on more reliable and practical light-emitting-diode. Stand actually, divided into two zones – overhead for «чайников» - she allows quickly and not going into details, to choose the average parameters of display for the picture of one or another area. Be sure – a result will be «at level»! Second zone, she is in the underbody of stand, allows to change at will of operator any of parameters of display!!! of Parameters these only three: time of display – changes in all vehicles and depends on a thickness «examined with x-rays» layer, or, roughly speaking – from the number of tooth, fatness of cheeks and type of tape; tension of anode (kV) - to manage to them it is possible only in x-ray photographies with HF by transformers, i.e. working on a direct current – about them now both speech and current of cathode (mA) – to manage to them some producers were not lazy only.
Time of display gets out proportionally to the volumes «examined with x-rays» tissues and management by this parameter – norm.
Changing tension, it is possible to change the contrast of picture. In Planmeca Intra this parameter can take on next values : 50, 53, 55, 57, 60,63, 66, 70 kV. For competitors a range is far more modest.
It is possible to influence the change of current on the brightness of picture and on the radial loading on a patient. Planmeca Intra – only vehicle in that this parameter can be changed in a range from 8 to 2th mA!
Thus, Planmeca Intra will be easy-to-handle and to the novices in sciagraphy and «professionals», that understand the necessity of change of that or another parameter depending on a situation. The use of high-frequency technology of transformation of tension allows not only to change the parameters of display but also bring down the radial loading on a patient without worsening of quality of pictures on 25-30%%!!! Another not insignificant plus is the thermal mode of operations of such vehicles – time on the cooling-down of head is taken to the minimum, i.e., for example in a policlinic, it is possible to serve the greater amount of patients!
A vehicle can be adjusted on 16 types of tape, 10 types of semiconductor sensors and 8 types of phosphoric plastins. Switching on the different carriers of information – tape ouch-control\phosphoric plate produced by pressure of one button.
Often stomatologies, choosing x-ray photography, set a question – is he compatible with радиовизиографом? As such physical compatibility requires to none of vehicles. Radiovisiography – semiconductor devices with a high sensitiveness and only requirement to X-ray photographies from an area compatibility – possibility to fix time display from 0,04 p. In Planmeca Intra minimum time of display – 0,01 s! Accordingly, combining with this x-ray photography can to any existent radiovisiography, tape etc.
During work with «native» radiovisiograph Planmeca DIXI, at a desire, it is possible to add a photography-vehicle to the personal computer in order that on a picture the parameters of display were specified at that this picture was executed.
Serious changes happened in the construction of radiovisiograph Dixi. Many paid attention to pluses that is carried by the original idea of structural execution of this device. The Finnish designers decided to use the special intermediate comptroller of touch-control. Problem of traditional constructions – high vulnerability and subzero ремонтопригодность of cord, connecting touch-control with a computer. This cord is not very simple structurally – in a small diameter near 3th millimetres (the greater is not simply comfortable at the интраоральном placing) it is necessary to place over ten of wires on that information is passed with very high speed and here wiring must be flexible and durable, and cord – what longer, the more comfortable. Ordinary length of this cord – near 3th meters. Thus a computer often has to be disposed next to an arm-chair, that not always comfortably and aesthetics and hygiene suffer usually. Now-how of the Finnish designers consists of setting in the break of cord of touch-control of comptroller. This comptroller will transform a touch-control signal and can betray him on an ordinary cable for network connections of computer ( very unroads and changing is possible how many pleasingly). A comptroller can be fastened straight at the head of X-ray machine, another grieves here «hare» - if at positioning touch-control will fall out of hands of operator, he will not be broken up – will simply hang. Length of network cable from a comptroller to the computer can arrive at 25 meters (tried – works and at 50 )!!! the Careful finns even put the fragment of this cable into the brackets of Intrы, that he was not visible! Thus vitality of touch-control of Dixi higher what at traditional constructions – dropping is difficult, by a caster from a chair not to move, incautiously running about by the sensor placed in to the mouth, - not to tear! Spoiling is possible only the frequent twisting and bending of wire.
In new touch-control from Planmeca and this problem is decided! Notorious cord that until now was hardly fastened on touch-control, now it will be possible to replace in service centers dealers – he will unite with touch-control a technological socket!!! If trouble will happen to such touch-control – a cord will be spoilt, he can be relatively quickly and inexpensively changed. In addition, a producer guarantees now, that touch-control became more steady to the shots – there are touch-controls on presentation «survived» after falling from a height in 2 meters to the tile floor!
Undoubtedly, basic setting of radiovisiography – to get quality pictures. New microelectronics of new touch-control allowed some to promote a contrast and clearness of picture.
New touch-control is in permanent readiness to registration of information, and now there is not a necessity an operator before a picture to press the buttons in a menu and commuted in the camp-on of picture.

From the moment of start of the program Dimaxis, additional filters are now entered in that, an operator can do any amount of pictures, not touching with to the keyboard or mouse. The program Dimaxis is completed the update version of database of Solid Flow Engine, that became yet more reliable and got additional interfaces and functions.

Additional possibilities are carried by creation Ethernet – interface for radiovisiography Dixi. NIU allows to manage radiovisiography from any computer in the network of clinic.