Orthopantomograph Planmeca ProOne

Planmeca ProOne it is digital panoramic x-ray photography with interactive touch-ups with tomography functions that use in implantology.

At once it is necessary to stipulate that is understood under a tomography. Some producers suggest to execute «tomography» pictures as part of the standard panoramic program. Thus in technical descriptions and selling aids the tomography programs are nominally present and mentioned. Quality of the pictures executed on such «combined-simplified» technologies, taking into account fundamental complication of their receipt, abandons to wish the best.

Orthopantomograph Planmeca ProOne specially constructed for implementation of the digital panoramic and tomography programs. For the receipt of tomography pictures the additional is needed «degree of freedom» motions of sweepable part are x-ray photography of vehicle. This additional «degree of freedom» initially stopped up in ProOne by quite original character and allows to execute tomography pictures without some compromises and simplifications.
Another enormous plus of orthopantomograph Planmeca ProOne – he is absolutely simple in exploitation. Conception that is accepted and realized by a company Planmeca for all equipment produced to her is sent to that, to do a management difficult multifunction devices maximally simple. Why this is important?!
Today all consumers of different technical devices expect maximal accordance to the last achievements of science and technique. Improvement of functionality technically difficult devices, as a rule, it is related to addition of the different modes, additional parameters, options etc. Any усреднение, generalization of functions, as, for example, in the cameras of type «soap dish» where all is managed only one button, automatically reduces all descriptions and translates a vehicle in a class «amateur».
Getting descriptions of maximally possible level is possible, only managing all possible resources and tuning of equipment. Exactly this flexibility is expected from an equipment «expert» or «professional» level. However in this case there is the problem opposed to the problem «one button» - for the choice of great number of different parameters the great number of the buttons is needed. Yet more complicates a problem that the choice of new parameters can depend on previous. How an operator must put a bold laugh on and not make a mistake? To help to decide a problem an interactive management can. An additional display on that menu of tuning items are specified is needed in this case, parameters of tuning etc. and by means of joystick an operator can manage the choice of parameters and tuning.