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Excerpt from the price list
April 2017 


1. Diagnosis

expert Advice   UAH 296.00 
Re-consultation 142.00 UAH.
test: accounting software    90,00 UAH.
Diagnosis using intraoral camera UAH of 208.00.
Orthopantomogram of 371.00 UAH.

2. Surgery

Anaesthesia  89,00 UAH.
tooth 189,00 UAH.           
tooth extraction from 487,00 UAH.
Surgical removal of wisdom teeth or abnormal tooth            1687,00  UAH.

3. Hygiene

Removal of plaque smoker. Mechanical cleaning and polishing of teeth (one jaw) 451,00 UAH.
Eurostyling, elimination of supragingival plaque, mechanical polishing of the teeth (one jaw) of 583.00 UAH.
the Treatment of periodontal tissues, professional ultrasonic scaling, removal of supragingival plaque, mechanical polishing teeth. (one jaw)    from 755,00 UAH.
Vector therapy (one jaw) 2158,00 UAH.
Ozone therapy 109,00 UAH.
Whitening using Opalescence Boost 38%   1574,00 UAH.
Home whitening using Opalescence 20%- set-set of 12 syringes   3353,00 UAH.

4. Treatment

emergency aid in acute and emergency 344,00 UAH.
canal Treatment 404,00 UAH 
filling the canals with the method of lateral condensation of cold gutta-percha  from to 299.00 UAH.
filling the canals with thermoplastic gutta-percha method  448,00 UAH 
Seal Gradia Direct (GC Japan), Esthet X (Dentsply)  in the treatment of defects of hard tissues of tooth non-carious origin   719,00 UAH 
Seal Gradia Direct (GC Japan), Esthet X (Dentsply)  in the treatment of caries 1084,00 UAH
Restoration of a tooth (Gradia Direct, Esthet X) 2243,00 UAH.

5. Children's treatment

canal Treatment  from 385,00 UAH.
Seal stacionarna impolitenesses Fuji IX (GC Japan) of 423.00 from UAH

the Seal stacionarna photopolymer FujiII LC (GC Japan)

665,00 UAH.
fissures from to 299.00 UAH.

6. Orthodontics

Removable braces(one jaw) 3144,00 UAH 
Metal braces system(one jaw) 9042,00 UAH.
Ceramic braces(one jaw) 13090,00 UAH.
Sapphire braces system(one jaw) 14234,00 UAH 
Lingual braces system(one jaw) 23092,00 UAH.       
Planned correction(one jaw) of 411.00 from UAH 
private mouth guard, retainer(one jaw) from 427,00 UAH.

7. Orthopedics

non-Removable prosthetics (warranty 3-5 years warranty quality certificate norm REID) 
Temporary crown  387,00 UAH.
Tab post-and-core of 738.00 UAH.
Recovery stump of 738.00 UAH.
Crown metal-ceramic chewing tooth (Ivoclar IPS d.SIGN )  3656,00 UAH.
Crown metal-ceramic for front teeth (Ivoclar IPS d.SIGN ) 

3860,00 UAH 

Exclusive metal-ceramic crown (Ivoclar IPS d.SIGN )     4935,00 UAH.
Abutment titanium (U-impl) 3433,00 UAH.
Metallo-ceramic crown for implant (Ivoclar IPS d.SIGN )     7204,00 UAH.
Tab occlusal ceramic without metal(E-MAX) 4495,00 UAH.
Tab of feldspatic ceramics   8383,00 UAH.
Veneers of pressable ceramic  E-MAX  8495,00 UAH.
Veneers of feldspatic ceramics   12409,00 UAH.
Crown / Bridge metal-ceramic CERCON (each tooth crown)  8344,00 UAH.
Removable dentures (warranty 3-5 years warranty quality certificate, norm of EVERYTHING)    
Immediat - prosthesis after removal of  1131,00 UAH 
Removable denture Ivoclar Pro Base   (GmbH)                      from 2824,00 UAH.
Removable denture Acrilato  3670,00 UAH 
Removable prosthesis Deflex Poliamide nylon 4235,00 UAH.
Denture clasp, ( Biosil F, Degu-Dent ) 8946,00 UAH.

8. Implantology

two-step system implant U-impl (Branemark type Systems, systems Simpl Swiss type) 
1st surgical stage 7579,00 UAH.
2nd surgical stage (after 3-4 months) 2316,00 UAH.
two-stage implant system "Replace" or "Straumann" ( Sweden) 
1st surgical stage  17411,00 UAH 
2nd surgical stage (after 3-4 months) 4611,00 UAH.
Plastics of an alveolar process     using artificial bone and membrane  17989,00 UAH.
Raising the maxillary sinus floor (sinus lift)   20295,00 UAH 
Potenzirovania analgesia for the control of a certified anesthesiologist   12405,00 UAH.