Wrong standing teeth can become reason of serious problems and diseases, including they sometimes result in parahypnosiss, to violations from the side of gastrointestinal tract and even to the diseases of the respiratory system! Fortunately, in modern orthodontia practically there are not age-dependent limitations and it maybe to obtain excellent results.

Correcting a bite is necessary not only because a beautiful smile and even teeth will allow to feel you more sure and successful man but also because pathology of bite is reason of not only nascent stomatological diseases, such as пародонтоз or caries but also development of violations of functions of височно-нижнечелюстного joint – most difficult joint in the organism of man.

 An orthodontic inspection is plugged in itself by a photo- and roentgenologic analysis, removal of molds and making of models.

The correction of bite and wrong position of teeth is included in the program of preparation of patients to implantation and протезированию, treatment of diseases of paradontium and lower-jaw joints, and, certainly, is the independent program on the return of aesthetics to the smile of patient. 

For the correction of bite and smoothing of teeth we use the tested effective methods in area of orthodontia:

  • брекеты
  • removable plates. 

So that your desire, modern technologies, experience and qualification of our specialists — and you no longer will feel shy the smile.