Dental laboratory of the French dental center, equipped by the most modern equipment, – necessary condition of realization of quality протезирования. Creation of безметалловой crown on technology of CAD/CAM (a computer design/the computer-programmable making) fundamentally differs from the hand casting of ceramet. On the mold taken off by a doctor, a model that is scanned by a laser is made. The stage of computer design of future crown follows further. Then a disperser is turned on a computer milling machine from the whole piece of oxide of zirconium. Complete automation of process eliminates possibility of any error, because the system registers micronic rejections even. Ideal exactness of fitting closely of crown is so arrived at, that guarantees high aesthetics and absence of inflammations in area of gum.

 The last achievements in area of and протезировании cosmetic stomatology allow to obtain not only an excellent curative result but also to attain an excellent aesthetic effect.

 We execute all types of dental works :

  • Виниры
  • Протезирование on имплантах, including the use of the most aesthetically beautiful lasting and hypoallergic crowns on the basis of oxide of zirconium (безметалловая crown)
  • Unremovable протезирование on имплантах
  • Микропротезирование on insets