All types of operative surgical treatment at the diseases of teeth, jaws and near jaw soft tissues.

Surgery, maybe, is one of the eldest directions of stomatology. Odontectomy, probably, first surgical operation that since time immemorial was executed by a dental doctor. Today to talk that surgeons in stomatology only delete teeth nevertheless unright. An application of modern surgical stomatology domain is so wide, that the requirements produced to qualification of specialists grow constantly. In French Stomatological Center the surgeons of very tall professional level work with specialization maxillufacial surgery.

  • removal of a tooth
  • implantology
  • soft tissue and bone augmentation


As often, speaking about stomatology, we mean teeth first of all, and we quite forget that such trouble as a loss of tooth can be investigation and diseases of gums. Healthy teeth are impossible without healthy gums. The study of diseases of gums and treatment in this area the division of stomatology engages in under the name пародонтология.

Probably, word known among a population from an area пародонтологии — this word пародонтоз. If before this disease more often developed for the people of superannuated, then today пародонтоз «looked younger». As specialists mark it because our food became more soft and ground up, not giving the sufficient loading on teeth. Besides, a ration became poorer by natural microelements and vitamins. The signs of пародонтоза can see and feel deeply every having this disease: sanguifluousness of gums, sickliness at mastication, viscid saliva. Treatment and prevention of пародонтоза a prophylaxis is the basis of, foremost. It and regular visit of doctor-stomatology, and опрятное maintenance of cavity of mouth, and visit of stomatology-hygienist.

In every special case experience specialists of our clinic will offer the individual program of treatment that can be limited to medicamental treatment or the necessity of surgical interference and bringing in of doctors-orthopaedists and ортодонтов will come to light.