The specialists of the French dental center always spare enhanceable attention to the prophylaxis of caries for patients. As is generally known, mainly all stomatological problems are begun with the off-grade hygiene of cavity of mouth.

During a reception, a doctor-hygienist will estimate your common stomatological state, will take off dental sedimentations by means of modern ultrasonic and sand-blast vehicles. Then will cover teeth the special protective composition, containing a fluorine that besides implementation of protective functions, assists минерализации of dental enamel, strengthening her and warning the origin of caries. And also will pick up individual facilities of hygiene to you.

Realization of procedures on the professional hygienical cleaning allows not only to improve the state of health of cavity of mouth, to warn appearance of stomatological diseases but also work out some aesthetic problems, for example, colors of dental enamel related to the change. Procedure of bleaching is recommended in this case.

A doctor-hygienist teaches patients to the correct hygiene of cavity of mouth, and also conducts obligatory prophylactic procedures:

  • professional dental extraction and bleaching
  • fissure sealing.
  • Vector-therapy

Professional cleaning — complex of measures, removing and protecting development of tooth and inflammatory diseases of tissues of paradontium decay by the mechanical removing from the surface of tooth above gingival and subgingival dental sedimentations, soft raid, пигментированного raid.